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The only problem with doing this blog now is that I don’t think there is a way to fully explain the emotions we have been going through.  They varied from minute to minute, never fully optimistic nor pessimistic, just waiting for the next call or email that would send us either soaring or crashing yet again.

The entire week of October 10th was filled with phone calls, emails and meetings.  Calls and emails to our Alderman, the Mayor, the City Attorney, and bee experts and friends in our little network.  I was spinning in circles, one moment hopeful, the next fearful.  Not a pleasant time.  I had been asked to do interviews with different press outlets, and I said no.  I told them I was attempting to work with the City to solve this, and if I did interviews, I was afraid that it would appear to be subversive.

It was my contention all along (and it still is) that the letter sent by the City Attorney was a knee-jerk reaction– someone hears “bees” and instantly thinks about the yellow jackets and wasps flying into your soda can, the aggressive hornets.  As with any reaction of this type, it is easily resolved with education and information, sitting around a table and having a conversation.  And I spent all week trying to create opportunities for dialogue, passing on information (including the City of Milwaukee beekeeping ordinance for reference) and having in-depth conversations, never confrontational, always respectful, polite and courteous… hard to do when we have so much riding on this.

You never realize how important something is to you until people devalue it, and try to take it away.