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…everything changed.

Our hive was doing great, we were loving every minute of being beekeepers.  Our children were fascinated by everything with the bees, all of their friends were in awe of what was deemed our “outside television.”  There weren’t any issues concerns, or problems.

I received a call from an online news reporter who was interested in coming over and doing an interview with Mike and I about our urban hive.  The news article was published online at noon on Thursday, October 6th.  Off we left for a glorious fall weekend camping, unaware of what was waiting for us when we would get home.

Returning on Sunday afternoon, we were greeted with a letter from our City Attorney dated the day after the article was published online, demanding that we remove our hive no later than October 24th.  I immediately called our Alderman who had heard nothing about this.  He said that he would check on it and get back to me.  I also spoke to the Mayor on that Monday (the 10th), and he knew nothing about our bees or the letter from the City Attorney.  He said he would check on everything and call me by the end of the week.

And so the waiting begins.