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“You should really start a blog.”

Whaaa?  Come again?  I am not even interesting enough to write a 140 character tweet… why a blog?

In order to answer that, if you are new to the story, hold on ’cause it’s a long, twisty path.

It started back in early Spring when I saw piece on the news about urban beehives and I was fascinated.  I contacted our City Administrator to see if beekeeping was allowed in Port Washington, and he informed me that there weren’t any ordinances prohibiting beekeeping in the City.  My husband, Mike and I took beekeeping classes at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee (taught by Charlie Koenen) during the month of May, earning our beekeeping certification.  We purchased a BeePod, a top-bar hive designed specifically for beekeeping in and urban setting, and worked it into our landscaping in the end of June, awaiting it’s inhabitants.  Finally in July, we welcomed our beautiful Rochester Queen and accompanying bars of nectar and brood, and we have never looked back.

Our BeePod, shortly after its' residents moved in.