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I guess I should clarify some stuff.

1. This is a fact according to my husband: We have opposed City officials on other matters in the past, and we don’t have entirely too many friends at City Hall.  My perspective is that if you aren’t a fan of mine, it is just because you don’t know me well enough yet.  🙂

2. My conversation with the City Administrator has been disputed.  Thankfully a former Alderman has come forward and said that he had the same conversation with the City Administrator a few years ago when he asked about urban beekeeping.

3. None of our neighbors have complained about our beehive.  None.  Zero. Nada.  The City Attorney told me that the complaint came from the City Administrator.  If the City Administrator had gotten a complaint from a citizen, our Alderman would have received a copy of the complaint.  As of today, none received.  Heck, our Alderman and the Mayor had no idea what I was talking about when I called them– they didn’t even know anything about any bee hive.

4. Our hive has been operating out of our yard since the beginning of July.  Those who did not know never seemed to notice.  People laugh saying that they can’t believe that volume of bees was living in their neighborhood and that they didn’t notice.

5. One of the reasons for removal of our hive that was cited in the letter from the City Attorney was for the safety of the children at the Catholic school across the street from our house.  It was called a safety hazard.  Point of order: no one from the City actually made contact with the school to ask if it was an issue.  The first person to ask the Principal over there was a reporter.  His response was that he has issues with yellow jackets, not honeybees.  No parents or students have complained, recess supervisors haven’t noticed and no one has been stung.  Before the letter was sent accusing us of endangering the safety of the children at the school, no one bothered to call the school to see if their safety was even BEING endangered. 

Carry on with the story now…