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I content that my family (me, my husband, and our kids) really isn’t that interesting.  All things considered, we would probably rank as boring.  Well, you wouldn’t know it by the ruckus we were causing.  It was, and continues to be, downright crazy.

In an effort to spread awareness and education on the issue, we held an open house (or would it be an open hive?) on Sunday the 24th to which I personally invited the Council members, the Mayor, the City Planner, and Administrator along with the general public.  Two of the alderman came (one with a beekeeping friend of his), a member of the Planning Commission came, along with about 25-30 others, some from over an hour away.  The photographer from the Ozaukee Press came and took a wonderful picture of our 10 year old daughter walking around with one of her pet bees (a worker, complete with her stinger intact!).  It was a wonderful, informative event.

A columnist at the Milwaukee Journal did her Saturday column about her thoughts on the issue.

An end of the week article was posted on the Ozaukee Press’ website.

For a second week in a row, our hive made a feature article in the Ozaukee Press.

Another Patch (local online news) article popped up.

Heck, even the editor of the Press wrote his Editorial about it.

Another local woman blogged about it.

And all of these articles have been posted all over the web.  Just Google “Bethel Metz hive.”  Because of this, I have gotten emails and calls from all over the US and Canada.  People who love bees, some who raise or have raised bees.  People who just want to give me some words of support.  People who thank me for keeping bees.  Crazy beans, I tell ya.

I have had many identities in my 32+ years on this planet.  Child, daughter, sister, babysitter, woman, mother, wife, volunteer, Lay Academy student, youth group director, Sunday school teacher, school supply distribution coordinator, neighbor, friend, and many others… and those are just the positive ones.  This is why I say I am a beekeeper by choice, and a bee-advocate by default.  But I am proud of who I am and what I am doing.  But you’ll have to excuse me, I just don’t see what the fuss is all about.