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Where did I leave off?

Oh, yes… the Planning Commission Meeting.

Actually, stop.  Let me share something personal with all of you, something my family probably does not even know.

Sorry, it’s not that juicy.  🙂

OK, so one of the reasons I really wanted to get into beekeeping is that I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.  If you have this, you know how horrible they can be.  I feel like my heart is being squeezed, I can’t breathe, I get all dizzy and just want to hide.  This hobby, beekeeping, requires you to slow down.  Breathe.  Relax.  You have to make intentional movements, slow, smooth and steady.  For someone who is go, Go, GO~ this was just what I needed.  And how this has translated into my everyday life is amazing.  I feel more peaceful and relaxed, have new ways of steadying my breathing and calming myself.

And then this.

Walking into that Planning Commission Meeting, I felt such tightness in my chest, tingling in my arms and legs, and I was unable to think clearly.  I thought I was going to vomit.  Literally.

We had some supporters come, including our instructor and friend, Charlie Koenen, our alderman, and other members of the community.  We were able to speak freely with the Planning Commission, questions and answers flowed freely, and it was truly a conversation, exactly what I had envisioned happening, an opportunity to share information and education.  I was able to address the group, as well as Charlie and another beekeeper, John.  The Commission was open to I felt as though it couldn’t have gone any better.  I spoke about my concern regarding the October 24th deadline, and that if we were working with the City, what the necessity of holding us to this date was.  The Planning Commission stated that the City Attorney needed to back off of that date.  They also stated that they wanted to pursue adopting an ordinance to regulate beekeeping in the City, so it was a go!!  The Mayor told me after the meeting that in order for the City Attorney to pursue that deadline, it would require the approval of the City Council, and even if that were to happen, that he had the power to veto that.  Charlie handed his cards out to everyone and agreed to help the City through the process, providing insight and education along the way.

I was feeling pretty good at the outcome of the meeting.  In my mind, we were sitting pretty good and I was optimistic.