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The week started like it usually did, with Mike and I biking our children to school this morning.  We saw all of the same familiar faces on the route we always take, the crossing guard, the walkers, the homeowners out raking in the early morning sun.  And then we saw it.

Short backstory: A gentleman in Port, Jeff, has wonderful gardens, both in his yard and instead of grass in the boulevard or right-of-way (grassy strip between the sidewalk and road).  The City wanted to make an ordinance that specified that only grass could be planted there.  Jeff stood up and fought.  Jeff won the battle, but he lost a separate fight; the City cracked down and made him shorten his plants in a certain area citing that it was a “vision hazard.”  Well, Jeff likes to have yard signs printed up with all sorts of phrases detailing exactly how he feels about the City.  He said that he wakes up and decides which one he wants to put out for the day.  And did I mention that he lives right on the main thoroughfare in Port Washington?!  Talk about visibility.

So here we are, pedaling in our duckling-style row, Mama in the front, as we are approaching Jeff’s.  As usual, I check out the sign that he has in front… and as a result, just about die laughing.

“Port is Bee Hind New York City, Chicago and Milwaukee.”

This is indicative of the support that we have been getting from most of the City residents, although none have been quite as vocal as Jeff.  I cannot go anywhere without people talking to me about it.

But this also served as a stark reminder that while I feel like I am fighting a huge uphill battle to get my points across and information that I am providing acknowledged, we are not alone in this.

So thank you, Jeff, and all others who are helping us out.  I will try to recognize these moments a little more often.