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The “Beesentation” is on the calendar!

I have said since the beginning of this ordeal that it is all a big misunderstanding, just a lack of information and education.  When others pushed me to get a lawyer and proceed with litigation, I contended that we all needed to come together and have a long conversation about honeybees and urban beekeeping.  A formal Beesentation (presentation about bees) is all part of that.  It is an opportunity to continue the dialogue about what honeybees are, why they are important to everyone, and why they are needed in an urban setting.  It is also an opportunity for people to ask questions, talk about their concerns and issues, and to gather information to make educated choices.

Charlie Koenen, the bee-educator who taught our classes at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, will be leading the Beesentation.  If I remember correctly, Charlie has been a teaching about bees/advocating for bees for about 10 years, and is also the owner of BeePods, the manufacturer of our particular brand of top-bar hive.

The Beesentation is open to the public and is free of charge.  It will be on Wednesday, Nov. 16 from 6:00-7:45 PM in the Community Room at the Niederkorn Library in Port Washington.

Spread the word & hope to see you there!