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I have been deliberately silent since the Beesentation.

I am just going to write facts. Period.  If people want to read into it, make assumptions, jump to conclusions, that’s on them.  Here are the facts, indisputable, verifiable facts:

1. I have invited the general public and City Officials to my home to take a look at an urban beehive in operation.  Two Aldermen came to check it out.

2. At numerous City Council meetings, a Planning Commission meeting and in all interviews/articles, I state my willingness to answer questions or concerns, either in person, email or over the phone.  I have said that if I cannot answer the question(s) myself, I have access to resources for them.

3. At least two bee educators have offered their expertise, free of charge, to the City.  One has had his personal email and phone number distributed to all Aldermen.

4. I have made myself available after the last 3 City Council meetings to answer questions.

5. At a City Council meeting, most (if not all) of the Aldermen stated their need for information (see the Patch article and the Ozaukee Press article).  In addition, the majority stated that the research they did in preparation for the meeting was via Google/the Internet.  It was based on these two facts that I coordinated and scheduled the Beesentation.

6. This issue is so important to one Alderman that he stated that “Someday my, “yes” vote could lead to a Port Catholic kid getting stung and going into anaphylactic shock.”  It is that  important of an issue in his eyes.

7. All Aldermen were notified of the Beesentation by phone a week to a week and a half before hand, by email 5 days before hand, and reminded in person the night before.

 Even given all of these facts, the overwhelming need for information…

8. One City Official came to the Beesentation.  One of the seven who will vote on an upcoming ordinance.  One.  The Mayor and two of the seven Aldermen informed me that they were unable to attend (and that they would contact Charlie for the information they needed).  One.


I thought after 4 days I would have a different attitude about this, but I’m coming up empty.  I thought I would have an answer to the question of what to do next, but I don’t.

I am at a complete loss of how to provide information to people who have said that they want it, but who don’t take advantage of the opportunities created for the exchange of that information they want and desperately need.